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The sketch above is an example of the recommended rebated concrete base for all our Durastore and Thermastore Garden Sheds and Garages and shows the steps involved in preparing it. This base is poured in two different stages. The first step is to pour the outside step (this is where the shed will sit). Before the inside floor is poured a layer of DPC or plastic is positioned as shown above. When the shed is being fitted our fitters will roll the DPC back inside the shed. After the shed is completed the gap between the floor and the shed framework is then filled with concrete. Once the concrete infill has set any excess DPC is the trimmed off neatly.

With this system the finished inside floor of the shed will be approximately 50mm higher than the external base. The layer of DPC on the inside of the shed will ensure that any rainwater cannot enter the shed keeping it dry and sealed in wet and damp weather conditions.

Multistore Garden Sheds

For our Multistore garden sheds we also recommend a stepped concrete base similar to above. The base for the Multistore Garden Shed we recommend can be poured in one stage. This base is a simplified version of above and is a faster and far less labour intensive method. However the single pour system will only allow for DPC under the concrete base and it is not possible to completely guarantee against some dampness creeping through the infilled section on the inside of the shed. If you require your Multistore Garden Shed for something more than general garden or household storage we are happy to supply you with detailed drawings showing the two stage pour method.


For our Multiroom Home offices and Garden Rooms we recommend a flat concrete base. Our garden rooms are internally supplied with an insulated floor on top of the concrete slab along with a substantial amount of insulation and timber within the building. The flat concrete base allows for our buildings to be flashed down over the outside of the concrete completely eliminating any possibility of dampness internally.

Detailed base dimensions for each specific size shed will be provided at time of order or upon request before hand.

The base dimensions are essential for pouring the concrete to the correct size. Please do not carry out any concrete work prior to receiving these measurements.

For all concreting and base preparation we can recommend a number of contractors.
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